Read and review works submitted for peer review in the UCL Open Environment UNFCCC/COP Special Series:

Africa and Climate Justice at COP27 and beyond: impacts and solutions through an interdisciplinary lens

Authors: Jhénelle Williams, Simon Chin-Yee, Mark Maslin, Jonathan Barnsley, Anthony Costello, John Lang, Jacqueline McGlade, Yacob Mulugetta, Richard Taylor, Matthew Winning, Priti Parikh

Submitted (Under Peer Review): 25 September 2022


Location location location: A carbon footprint calculator for transparent travel to COP27

Authors: Jonathan Barnsley, Jhénelle A Williams, Simon Chin-Yee, Anthony Costello, Mark Maslin, Jacqueline McGlade, Richard Taylor, Matthew Winning, Priti Parikh

Submitted (Under Peer Review): 8 September 2022


A virtual global carbon price enabling engineers to drive essential and rapid decarbonization

Authors: Richard Clarke, Mark Maslin

Submitted (Under Peer Review): 31 October 2022


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The UCL Open Environment, UNFCCC/COP Special Series provides the opportunity to publish about key topics covered at COP27, whether focused on The Paris Agreement, Glasgow Climate Pact, the UN led Early Warnings for All Initiative, among others, to critique or contribute to current debates and policies. This can be presented as a full empirical research study, a commentary (such as recommendations or guidance), or a case study. Given the focus of COP27 on Africa, we particularly welcome contributions that focus on this geographical area.

Submission is open to anyone, and we encourage contributions from researchers and professionals engaged in producing knowledge about the mitigation, adaptation, finance, and collaboration needed, to deploy solutions to deal with the many issues created by a warming planet. We especially welcome submissions from work done in collaboration with or led by non-academics or researchers. This open series will provide a free to read platform to record and disseminate the insights from the many researchers, professionals, and policy makers, engaged in climate change, that are currently poorly visible to researchers and practitioners.

A history of COP (infographic)

We invite you to read, use and share these infographics from the article ‘A short history of the successes and failures of the international climate change negotiations‘, by Mark Maslin and John Lang.

If sharing these infographics, please credit as follows: Mark Maslin and John Lang. A short history of the successes and failures of the international climate change negotiations. [Preprint] Submitted to: UCL Open: Environment. DOI:

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