ORCID (http://orcid.org) provides researchers with a unique identifier that can be kept throughout their career and can be used in publications and grant applications. ORCID distinguishes between researchers with similar names, and helps ensure that publications are attributed and recorded correctly. It also helps researchers to comply with funders’ open access requirements. Funders, such as the Wellcome Trust and the UK Research Councils, now require or recommend the use of ORCID alongside systems like Researchfish that can link with ORCID.

How do I get an ORCID?

Researchers should register for an ORCID ID either at http://orcid.org, or by registering with MyScienceOpen and following the registrations instructions for ORCID. If you already have an ORCID and want to submit, review, or comment on an article, you will need to sign into MyScienceOpen on the UCL Open: Environment website.

How does UCL Open: Environment use ORCID?

UCL Open: Environment uses ORCID to openly name authors, reviewers, and Editors in the journal. In order to submit or provide a review for the journal, users will need to firstly register and sign-in to MyScienceOpen using their ORCID. When users link their ORCID to MyScienceOpen, their MyScienceOpen user profile is based almost exclusively on the public information from the ORCID account. The following information will be automatically imported:


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Keywords
  • Biography
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Funding
  • Publications

How to link publications to your ORCID

Listing links to publications on ORCID is important as it establishes your identity and your reviewer status on MyScienceOpen (see the reviewer infomration pages for more information on reviewer eligibility here).

There are three ways to add your publication links to ORCID:

  • Link your works from an external database [recommended]
  • Import a BibTeX file
  • Manually enter the informationAfter you complete this step, your publication list will be imported from ORCID and displayed on MyScienceOpen under the ‘Other publication’ section of your profile.

To learn more about adding publications to your ORCID, please visit the ORCID support pages at https://support.orcid.org/hc/en-us/articles/360006973133-Add-works-to-your-ORCID-record

Public and private information on ORCID

ORCID information with a privacy setting of ‘public’ will be synchronized with your MyScienceOpen profile. To improve transparency, we recommend, at minimum, making the following information on your ORCID profile public:

  • Biography
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Keyword
  • Publications

To make information on your ORCID public, look for the icon:

Hover over the icon to see what each of the options are. For further information see the ORCID Privacy Settings. Also see here for further information on how to update your ORCID account.

Profile information not taken from ORCID

The following additional information on your MyScienceOpen profile can be added under the ‘Edit Profile’ section of your ScienceOpen profile homepage but is not automatically taken from ORCID:


  • Profile image
  • Disciplines
  • Self description