Information for reviewers

UCL Open: Environment aspires to select and publish, through open peer review, the highest-quality environment-related research. To achieve this, the peer review process must be objective, fair and thorough.

You will find further information on these pages about the peer review process as well as further information about publishing in UCL Open: Environment. If you are interested in reviewing for the journal and wish to register your interest, please contact the editorial office with your details and subject expertise by emailing

Why review for UCL Open: Environment?

Review by academic peers is an essential part of the scholarly publishing and communication process. By sharing their expert opinion, peers evaluate and improve the research of their peers. However, peer review is not a perfect system.

One of the concerns with the traditional closed model of peer review (where reviewers are anonymised to authors) is that reviewers are seldom credited for their voluntary performance. A further dispute is that unscrupulous reviewers can hamper scholarly progress by demanding questionable changes, either intentionally exploiting anonymity or because they are simply unsuitable. Peer review suffers from a lack of transparency, recognition, and accountability.

UCL Open: Environment is different. The journal operates on an open peer review model where the identity of the reviewers and their comments are visible at all times. 

How peer review works

Operating dually as an open access e-journal and offering immediate publication in a dedicated preprint server, with open peer review, the entire publishing process is accessible, transparent, accountable and fast.

Reviewer guidelines

Information for reviewers on how to publish your review of a paper, including guides and tips.

Peer review policy

The peer review policy and commenting code of conduct outlines how review should operate and how users must conduct themselves in an our open environment.