We work to distribute all published articles widely in order for them to reached their desired readership and we are working with subject specific indexers to deposit published articles in relevant repositories and search databases. 

Every article published in UCL Open: Environment is included in ScienceOpen’s freely accessible search and discovery platform, alongside the millions of indexed scholarly and scientific journals (you can read more about ScienceOpen here), and digitally archived with Portico’s preservation service to provide perpetual and permanent access to its published content.

All articles, both official publications and preprints, are published open access under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY) 4.0, which permits authors to deposit any version of their manuscript in their institutional or funder repository, and unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

For further information about indexing please email the editorial office at

Officially published articles

Articles that have been editorially accepted for publication following peer review in UCL Open: Environment are indexed in the following:


Preprint articles

Articles, and all corresponding versions of it, that are under peer review in UCL Open: Environment are also archived and indexed in the following: